***shambling Soul By Eternity***

dew falling from leaf tip yet serenades dawn
earth never feelS love unrequited
till sun wakes to enliven universe
redemption is the last rung of truth absolute.

heaven may bestows shelters sanity
nature redefines evolving laws of justice
selection is mere revelation of fact
within necessity of vectorial relevance

framework abounds florescence immortal
graveyard resounds like thundering
hallucination is never a psychic reality
as dream steps forward on path of carving

slosh of breeze inflames ocean to rip off dune
sparkling spumes to cause spin of earth in addiction
obsolescence slowly swerves to etching black hole
assonance cascades by audacity of symphony

eons after eons i may see you there calling me
to brace up force of gravity by legacy of soul
as weaved across eternity to wrest quest subterfuging
to enliven stone carrying message yet from Cambrian coast

by Dr subhendu kar

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