(04 October 1943 / Germany)


There is a war we had to wage
we do it well on open stage.
The weapons no one can defy
our reasons based on one big lie.

There is concern and consternation
at home, where mothers hide their tears
though we can offer consolation
soon we will put away our fears.
Democracy, we shall defend
the last man falls, the war will end.
Each bullet has engraved the same
it simply says, in English, SHAME.

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a brave commentary on the way the world distorts truth and torments young brave souls too soon gone while the big shots drink wine and smoke expensive cigars a fine poem
What a powerful poem Herbert. I like that it's a little shorter than most poems about the war.....it's so easy to go on and on listing the wrongs. You've said it all with just a few very powerful words. Excellent poem. Sincerely, Mary