GG (October 5,1987 / Iloilo City - Philippines)

Shame Of The Dance

Charity is impossible

For a heartless world

That knows no compassion, that engulfs itself with pride

Charity is an ideal

A paradox to what is real

Good riddance!

Good riddance, my faithless minions.

Lombardi Jacobi pranced through the stage

Donning a moustache in ballerina attire

Prance, Lomby, prance.

Listen to the cassetted applause

Of your recorded claques.

And here comes the lady

Prancing about too

In circles, dancing in riddles

She struts singing empty hymns.

Both dance together

Prance, Lomby, prance.

Sing, lady, sing.


Jug jug jug.


Praise to Pride in the highest!

Hypocrites lecteurs! Porcs sales! Hommes creux!

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