(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Shame On Us

There's stroke, then cancer and infection.
Could all the experts be so wrong?
That even after much reflection
they grin and sing the same old song.

Well, yes, their actions are the reason
that countless people do fall ill,
by rights this should be labelled treason
and further measures taken still.

Much chronic illness, premature
an early death from negligence
no one is looking for a cure,
financially it makes no sense.

How sad that gold has much more glitter
than frightened, pleading human eyes,
and being in it makes one bitter
almost immune to all the lies.

The day will come when we must answer
to a supreme authority,
why we were stopped from curing cancer.
Ascorbic acid is the key.

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Human kindness......in a doctor! Why can't you be a doctor here? I wish more doctors were as concerned with human lives as you are. Sincerely, Mary