(15.12.1975 / Manikgonj (Bangladesh))

Shameless God

When all people
Fickle for their anguish,
Then you like to laugh winking.
Then you come down in our earth,
By using your color sunglass.
You can't see a real things-
by your color glass.
You can't see that baby
Who are crying on the street,
They haven’t any identity.
You can't see that crowd vulture,
who are eating dragging
A young girl's Brest.
You can't listen that mother cry,
who have lost her son in one war.
You can't see that people-
who haven’t foods, medicine-
always they are fighting with their life,
and they are going to be die.
You come to see us
And again go back,
As like a shameless.
You are a shameless God.

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