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Shampoo Sutra
JDW (1975 / Portsmouth, Ohio)

Shampoo Sutra

Poem By Jeremy D. Wells

I took a shower with shampoo today,
using the last sliver of soap to wash my face,
and turning the bottle upside down,
balancing it on its too small neck and lid,
so that its contents could drain,
and I'd have enough to clean my body.
I dried off with a clean towel,
one I had just washed at the corner laundromat,
using the last of my dish soap,
because, hell, if Dawn takes grease out of the way, it should do wonders on towels and underwear, right?
It's stiff and scratchy, because I didn't have any fabric softener.
'Next time I'll have to remember to turn the conditioner bottle on end and take it with me, ' I think,
as I scrape my armpits with the plastic base of my deodorant stick
and go have breakfast.
Two eggs, a week past the expiration date printed on their styrofoam bed,
and a toasted heel of stale wheat bread, smeared with jelly pocketed from a breakfast buffet and hidden back for just such an occasion.
I eat and read a battered paperback, looking forward to payday, and wondering,
'Which relative will I visit around suppertime tonight? '
and, 'Will I ever be financially secure and not have to cut open my toothpaste tubes? '
Someday, I think, I'll get off my lazy ass and write the great American Novel,
someday I'll be my own boss and self sufficient,
someday I'll not have to work at a meaningless minimum wage job.
But in the meantime, I eat my toast and jelly, and chew my two fried eggs.

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Comments (2)

One of the better poems I have read. I think it has that specail something, that allows everyone to relate. I too think someday i will get off my lazy ass, and write that american novel.
Again, unique and interesting; but poetry?