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As soon as I was able to say the word.
'I want a dog! ', was all that you heard.
Every special holiday or birthday that was near.
The begging from me was all you would hear.

As I got older and wiser a small prize was met.
A rabbit and two gerbils I got as my pets.
But not until I turned eighteen that day.
The neighbors dog had pups on the way.
I begged and begged...Mom finally gave in.
The runt of the litter was my prize to win.

Now eighteen back then was a magical year.
I was when you were aloud to drink 3/2 beer.
So when it came time to pick a name for the pup.
I had to think of a drink in a cup.
(Honoring my age...I'm not making this up.)

So all you Brits out there probably know the name.
A 'Shandy' is the name that I claimed.
It's half beer and half ginger ale.
That's how I got beer and a dog with a wag in it's tail.

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A wonderful poem JoAnn, love how you picked out that name! ! Great read! ! ! *10*! Best wishes, Friend Thad
Love a cool shandy on a hot summers day... Andy 10
Shandy.. is a beautiful name and very close to Shanti: peace