Poem By Seamus Shaneous

S is for the sadness in life that I have felt
H is for the hardships and pain that I was dealt
A is for the alliances that were broken over years
N is for the neglect and all the worthless tears
E is for the escape route that I’ve never ever found
O is for the obstacles that keep me falling down
U is for the underdog that I always seem to be
S is for the sins that keep me on my knees

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I Miss You

how much i really miss you
i could count a million ways
i don't get to see you much
but i'm thinking everyday

Love Is Bad

love. what is love?
love is a mystery and it sits on its own
i don't trust people but i hate being alone
after she leaves you will lay there and moan

Family Ties

Life's getting harder from day to day
i'm running short of theories, i hate it this way
i wish it were different, i'm feeling so poor
this hard work isn't paying, can't do it nomore

Lord Save Me

god please forgive me for the things that i do
the ways i live life and the paths that i choose
for the people i see that are left for the grave
for the one love i lost and the girls that i've played

Where's Daddy?

Daddy, Daddy, where are you?
I need you here with me
You said that you weren’t going far
But it’s you I cannot see

Up On A Bridge

Up on a bridge looking all the way down
Wondering if I jump could I float to the ground
The flow of the wind is such a beautiful sound
Up on a bridge looking all the way down