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'Shards Of Me'

These Mysterius blue eyes
Glaring from behind these darkend shadows
Its my way of hiding
When others just get to close
or if the energy is not right

I have lived a life of darkness
or in the shadows if you will
As these are the safest places ive known
Except for all those dreams

Those times I ventured from them
Trusted in the bonds of faith or love
These dreams had all left me shattered
Both the heart and my trust
They are now just shards of me on the floor

Residing from myself to this state of alone once more
But this is not a tradgedy
But merely the silence of the midnight
There are those moments I crave to reach out
To touch and to be touched by the happy thoughts
And to be comforted in someone elses shadow

Theres this sureness
A certainity
In these shadows among us
It offers the protection
From the horrors of the outside

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