Share & Share Alike In Christ

In the beginning, the world God created,
The word in His mind, already premeditated,
With carefully chosen scribes, to write the book,
Known as The Bible, just take a look.

The greatest, sweetest story ever told,
Jesus walked the earth, explaining right from wrong,
From beginning to end wherever crowds would listen,
Like King David before Him in the book of Psalms.

Certainly the Bible is one big love story,
Just waiting for all of God’s children to read,
So everyone will be on the same plateau,
Then all mankind can plainly see.

Without mountains, valleys and forests,
To hinder or completely block the view,
We spread the sincerity of brotherhood,
As Jesus earnestly loved us true.

It’s Pippen to Air Jordan and #23 takes flight,
Jeff passes to Luke, who continues to write,
Like games played as kids with all our might,
Brothers in Christ, we share and share alike.

What propels us to spread the teachings?
That cost our Lord & Savior Jesus His life,
In the genre of Christian spiritual poetry,
With lines that rhyme wrong from right.

How about knowing there is a kingdom,
Where believers forever peacefully reside,
Milk and honey flows in this promise land,
And children never grow old and die.

The day is coming when all will surely see,
If not in person, a broadcast on cable TV.
Picture in your mind a surfer that rides one high,
Now imagine Jesus returning on a cloud in the sky,

As Angles are sent to earth below and gather up,
Only those through righteousness called His Bride.
To the selfish & wicked not picked to be by Jesus’ side,
Remember the old saying, “you can run but you cannot hide.”

Like casting for a Broadway play there’s only one try,
No matter how many Crocodile tears you cry.
Now is the time to change and repent,
You really don’t want to be in hell paying rent.

The state of the world today is not what God meant,
And it is not why our Lord Jesus Christ was sent,
Zechariah 4: 6, not by power, not by might,
We need to 'Share & Share Alike In Christ.'

w/Jeff Ricky Cheeks

by Luke Easter

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