Share Your Hopes

Share your dreams and your hopes
Share your fears and learn to cope
With this life's bitter bite
With calmness, peace and delight
And know that in this life's game
You don't have any right to claim
Only on its joys and smiles
But you have to share trouble's piles
so when you feel bad and blue
And wish to see some bright hue
Then go to the door of God and pray
For He is the only one I'll say
Is your only true aand loving friend
Whose blessings has no bound nor end
Who will come forward to coyly share
Your dreams and hopes to show He cares.

by Seema Chowdhury

Comments (2)

Sharing relaxes our minds beings solace and explores new horizon of knowledge and wisdom! An excellent poem....10
You are right Seema. We have to always reach God for mercy. He alone can help us ffrom all troubles. A very good message yarned in your usual systematic structure of words and expresssions. sathya narayana