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Shared Happiness
AK ( / Longridge Westlothian, Scotland, UK)

Shared Happiness

Happiness that is shared can lift a spirit to no end
Dry a tear, stretch a smile, help an aching heart to mend
If everyone shared this gift what a wonderful world for you and me
There would always be contentment, a vision of roses we would see.

All it takes is a tender squeeze from one hand to another
A smile across the room, a glance to show it's no bother
Softest cuddles to prove you care, a kiss upon a tearful cheek
A tender look of lovingness, no words would you need to speak.

A shining glint in a smiling eye that lights the way ahead
A gesture of sincerity, loving stepping stones you'll tread
Share happiness from one to another, a gentle term in giving
Our "Forever Friend" above will know your life was worth living.

Emotions so deep, you will feel, rewards to be gathered on high
Clouds will smile as they drift along the chosen coloured sky
Raindrops may sparkle as they fall to nourish natures land
Rays of the sun to guide us like our makers protective hand.

A version of shared happiness, an exceptional way to be
Will make your inner-self feel good, alive, happy and free
A nicer being, caring and smiles on each and every face
A mindful of actions rolled into one, our world a far better place.

No more fear or worry, no more suspicious mind
No more loss of dignity that can happen to any kind
No more thornlike hurt that seems to prick a beating heart
Shared happiness through silent kindness, newborn with a loving start...

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