Sharing Chips 1956.

Helen walked
from her home
to the bomb

site where the
boy Benny
had told her

after school
he would be
off Meadow

Row behind
the old green
grocer's shop

but when she
got there he
was no where

in sight so
she was scared
-after all

tramps often
slept or hid
in the bombed

out buildings-
where was he?
she muttered

what to do?
she looked out
over the

large bomb site
biting her
finger nails

thinking that
maybe a
tramp would jump

out at her
then she saw
a figure

come out of
one of the
bombed ruins

she stared hard
thinking she'd

wet herself
when Benny
waved his hand

and called out
you came then?
-he sometimes

stated the
I wondered

where you were
she muttered
he tapped his

6 shooter
looking toy

gun in his
black holster
on his belt

looking out
for bad guys
he replied

she was glad
it was him
not a tramp

want some chips?
he asked her
we can share

I've got coins
although she'd

just had tea
she nodded
so they walked

to Neptune's
fish and chip
shop and bought

6d worth
and stood out
side the shop

and shared them
watching life
rushing by

both of them
beneath an
evening sky.

by Terry Collett

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