Sharing Wing Birds

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

A moon
the colour of sorrow.

Rain falling
like regret.

The memory
of your beauty

awakened by
the music

tiptoes on moonlit feet

slowly silently

across the lawn.

A cat

(immune to human emotion)


silhouetted against
an Autumn moon.

He listens
to our human words

more out of boredom
than anything else

as if we were characters
in a play

enacting words that will be
forever spoken:

“Let us be sharing wing birds

...the thing of legend...

with only one eye
only one wing

only by sharing wings
can we fly! ”

Chiselled into
a night gone by

the words remain
engraved upon the air.

The cat wonders
how do humans do that

...& why?

He pads quietly
through the words

the memory of us
bristling his fur.

Comments about Sharing Wing Birds

What could I do but agree with JH and DDW...BRILLIANT! Evocative, startling word pictures, emotions that fill the air...and linger there...on the wing of the sharing birds...Beautifully Crafted.
Brillant...I second that emotion! I know that Chinese legend and I love the notion of it! But what you do with it and where you take it. The whole notion of the cat stepping through a memory engraved in the air is fantastic especially the last line of the memory of us...bristling his fur. Wonderful stuff. Your power to evoke startling images and tell a good story whilst making us laugh and then cry at the same time is beyond bounds. I just love what you can do with your words and where your words take me. I was drawn to the title because of knowing the legend but didn't expect anything as wonderful as this. superb writing! love Dee Dee
Brilliant....... .

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