Shark Attack Victim

Whilst swimming in South Australia from West Lakes to Semaphore
Stay in the shallow waters don't swim far from the shore
A young man taken by white pointer sharks there a couple of weeks ago
And though his end was painful 'twas not painful and slow.

He had been water skiing behind a boat a victim of circumstance
In the wrong place at the wrong time he did not stand a chance
For sharks are powerful predators their razor sharp teeth tear flesh and big bones crack
And few have lived to tell the story of a white pointer attack.

The man was in his early twenties so young for one to die
In the sunlit southern ocean doing what he did enjoy
To his broken hearted friends and family his death a tragic loss
And in their time of sorrow so heavy is their cross.

'Tis said by those with marine life knowledge that humans not shark's favourite meal
Perhaps the big white pointer mistook him for a seal
But what a shark bites into a shark will try to eat
They've been known to swallow plastic and rubber in their hunger for meat.

The next time you go water skiing, surfing or swimming in shallow waters stay
Do not venture in deep waters big sharks on you might prey
Like the poor bloke in South Australia a chance he did not stand
Two big white pointers claimed him three hundred metres out from land.

by Francis Duggan

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