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in the early hours of an autumn dawn
march 21st,1960
led by the fearless pac activists
we took up torches, lamps and lanterns
carried our paper-bag-bible-like-dom-passes
marched to sharpville municipal offices

clung by fear, pregnant with hope
we stamped the ground
in committed struggle song and dance
dust curled above our heads
like rain clouds on the eve of sowing

outside sharpville police station
we erected a peaceful protest wall
of armless, harmless cadres
peacemakers that would be wiped
like a swarm of locusts in a corn field

(l) awful men in state uniform
riding on tanks and saracens
put an army against us
armed with stunt grenades, guns and canes
these racist asses fed us gases
that blinded our sight leading us astray

driven by fear but hunger for freedom
we hovered drunk in frustration
amid echoes of military vehicles’ wailing sirens
they unleashed a hail of bullets
broke our fragile bones with canes
so we could be silent like zombies
when they shit on our humanitarian dream
for liberty

their hippos and mellow-yellows forded
in pools of our murdered lots
as they chased for more killings
with gaping fatal wounds
we fell like poisoned flies
each in his little pool of blood
that soaked the earth in ferocious shame

as blood flooded
heaven closed its eyes
and sobbed – gish! ...phaa!
thunder broke, rain poured
to wash away the ruins of apartheid terror

by Mpho Ramaano

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