CA ( / Encino.)


The mirage has been shattered
With these pieces of my second self
Searing my flesh and splinters
Ripping through my heart
I can only stop to think: Can this be real?

My hand touched hers and his and theirs and ours
Intertwined but never touching
We floated on recklessly, abandoning all hopes and asperations
Betrayl was invetiable. Malice was forseen
We fled from those sightseers
Into the forest of our dreams
Melting into nightmares
Falling into fear

And now we crawl
Barely standing
I think its gone. The pain lives on
Inside my brain, within my bones
But never to reach the surface
Wounds healed and scars hidden
Beneath lies upon lies upon the truth
Love, can never be forgotten
But pain can never be unfelt

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