Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

A crash destroyed my happy dream,
it must be glass that loudly shattered,
turns out a palm frond that I'd left,
just slightly yellow, and preparing
to leave its mother, one tall tree,
just hanging there, its quick revenge
destroyed the window near my head.
And as its tentacles were reaching
fanned by a breeze, which was a cousin
to stronger winds, four tiny touches on my cheeks
were making peace, while bearing need,
and logic from the palmtree kingdom.
I get the hint now, gentle giant
will point my ears and friendly eyes
at you who gives me shade and beauty.
And thank you for this dreamtime lesson.

Comments about Shattered

Beautiful image, I enjoyed it!
This one is just beautiful.Loved it.Thank you.
Another memorable poem from you. A pleasure to read. Chrissie
I enjoyed this poem, Herbert. Sandra is right.
Your a master in any form, long, short, they are all just great. I miss you my friends.

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