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My heart is all but shattered.. and the pieces fall like rain,
Scattered by the wind.. it seems to numb the pain,
I have lost myself.. and it seems I've lost my way,
My direction is uncertain.. and nothing feels OK,
I don't know where I'm going.. or just what lies ahead,
But I can hear the whispers.. though I don't know what was said,
I feel as though a part of me.. has died and blown away,
And I am just an empty shell.. with nothing left to say,
The hollow echo's in the distance.. are ringing in my ears,
And as the sun begins to rise.. I wipe away the tears,
Its strange it seems.. how life goes on.. while yours is crashing down,
And though one love is at its end.. another one is found,
And so continues the circle.. as it was meant to be,
We laugh.. we cry.. we live, and die.. and then our soul is free,
So I will gather the pieces.. of my scattered wind blown heart,
And never look over my shoulder.. at the world you tore apart.

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