JG (march 12 1950 / Denver Colorado)

Shattered Dreams

My heart is in darkness,
Hopes and dreams we've had.
So totally shattered,
You say our past, has not really mattered.
My heart and soul so sad.

When we fell so in love,
I thought I had found love's Bliss.
From the very first look,
And from our first kiss.

Our spitrits became as one,
As our bodys became entwined.
It was a love so rare,
Truly one of a kind.

We wanted the same things,
Or so at least I thought.
What I have to offer you,
You now want them not.

I have given my all,
To your wants and desires.
What happened to the feeling,
That passioned your soul's fires.

You totally gave yourself to me,
Now that has been taken away.
How can my heart go on,
Another minute, hour, or day.

Can I ever love again,
To me love is a must.
But will I be able to give,
My heart in such trust.

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