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Shattered Glass
JT (29/01/1982 / United Kingdom)

Shattered Glass

Thoughts creeping into my head,
Ones that I’d like to push away,
Yet they stay.
Eating into my heart,
Leaving me to fear the worst.
Would he slip away?
When I’m not there to say bye.
Would he leave me without a word?
Would he leave me with my tears?
Let me pick up the pieces! ,
Of my shattered world,
Like the greenhouse in my dreams.
For me to stand in the way of the stones,
Protecting my house,
When I know there is nothing left.
Will I hurt?
Or would I just walk away?
Cutting myself on shards of glass.

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Rudyard Kipling


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You have good emotion in your poetry, and it feels like you are being honest with it. The only thing I would work on is the flow between words. Just think about how the words are leaking into eachother. Think about your words like a water fall, pouring out your heart in the form of flowing water, engulfing the rocks below and becoming a complete and dynamic whole.