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Shattered Heart
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Shattered Heart


My heart was broken into two pieces and now
Its shattered into a trillion pieces
Shattered by all the pain I've hidden
Shattered by everyone in my life

now I've got mixed emotions
Mixed emotions about everything and everyone
I'm so lost, lost in my tears
I'm confused, confused about my life

I'm trapped inside my fantasy thinking
That we should live happy ever after
When I slipped from my fantasy I know
We can't live happy ever after

My heart is shattered by everyone
They always hate on me and down me
My heart is now a puzzle
But a puzzle that will never be put back together

All these emotions I have
All the pain I've hidden
My Shattered Heart
Was caused by people

By all the people I know
Good or Bad
That does not matter
Its all gonna turn out bad
Sooner or Later

My shattered heart was caused mainly by
The people that I love

Written on 10-3-2006

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