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Shattered Infinity
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Shattered Infinity

She had eyes of crystal burning desire,
With the best heart for intention,
Dressed in young virgin attire,
Desperate for foreign attention.

My eyes were colder than black,
My heart laced with ragged scars,
Always eager and edging to attack,
And a philosopher of the stars.

We both looked up into the cobalt sky,
Knowing we would sleep alone tonight,
And that destiny and fate went awry,
Our lives always seemed black and white.

So I took control and swallowed my fear,
When I spoke she was more scared than me,
It was not the words she would hear,
Just to satisfy both our pleas.

I asked if she had any good dreams,
She remained silent and smiled,
And somehow it just seemed,
That moment was passionate and wild.

I knew she wanted yards of flowers,
And for me to fold her soft warm arms,
And every second to last passionate hours,
Irresistible to my pitiful charms.

So we went to that one high cliff,
The wishing star all burning and clear,
She asked me to make one single wish,
But all I wanted was right there.

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