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Shattered Stones
(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)

Shattered Stones


The shattered stones upon the rugged mountains,
That roll and fall then crumble through the years,
And to the elements they do surrender,
Then washed away in time by river tears.
Like hopes and dreams that disappear forever,
And out of reach they roll too far away,
I have to let them go too hard to handle,
But maybe we shall meet again one day.

The shattered stones my loving heart is fading,
And every beat seems weaker than the last,
For now I walk alone no time together,
While dwelling in my cold regretful past.
And as the snow does fall across the valley,
And biting winds now chill me to the bone,
Through all the clouds I cannot see a future,
Each step I take I take it all alone.

The shattered stones my life is now so empty,
And nowhere else is left for me to go,
I feel so cold for no one seems to want me,
And now this is the only life I know.
I wish someone would lift me off the ground now,
Yield sympathy and take me by the hand,
And then would give me warmth and some protection,
And lead me from the rocks on which I stand.

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Comments (4)

EXCELLENT poem for sure! ! ~Linda~
Wonderful and so deeply meaningful too. A lovely read. the flow was excellent. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
How can you feel so grounded Andrew...when you are such a star! ! Love duncan X
Hi a lovely poem. describes perfectly shattered dreams I think we have all been there, of course nothing is for ever and there is always tomorrow hopefully a happy one.