AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Breaking Up

I though this relationship had everything.
It was you who did got another girlfriend.
Can't a long distance work?
I thought you loved me?
The feeling that I feel are betrayal.
A little shocked and just empty.
Am I a good enough girlfriend?
I have everything you want and more.
I thought we had myriad things in common.
This girl she is much lower than me.
You and her have nothing going on.
The stars aren't shining on your new girlfriend.
Your relationship is meager.
Dump her and go to with the triumphant one.
Soon you shall be with me once more.

by Vega Destiny Star

Comments (8)

in another city in another room my mind breaks the distance between verses and desires bursting in far away skies yet I hear the joyous moans of words and see the flawless skin excruciating in rhymes of ecstasy i reach out and nothing yet I now - you are there in another room in another city
this one tells me i have to come back and read all your works you have a wonderful style i really enjoy your thoughts
I feel as if I've stumbled into the ladies room. An intimacy dislodged by all the gadgets and period music, but then captured by the lines at neck level, yanked back for another gander. I agree the last line clicks this to an end. Good work
What an amazing poem. I especially love the impact caused at the end of the poem, of the distance between two people. The way you write is so natural, and I hope to read more of your poetry, Tallie Kane
Another good poem.Thank you.
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