Poem By Sanoji Ruvinika Perera

She is not in my culture
But enchants me with her postutre

She turns her eyes everywhere
I feel her look is rare

Hair is not so long but soft I'm sure
I looked and looked but no weary I swear

How nice she is but seems so coy
I gazed on her my heart danced with joy

Her gown is so rough I felt
No harm her beauty penetrate

Some may say she is not so gay
For me, she is a darling bud of May

I know, no mother she ever had
But her father she was created

How clever her father is I wonder
Do love her you can enjoy my dear

You'd say I'm mad to love 'Monalisa'
It's true, she is an art, I don't care

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This is a beautiful write...thank you...10++

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