She’s gone with out a trace
She left me here in this god forsaken place
She thinks I’ll be okay
She thinks heaven will be offered to her one day
I’m sorry to say that she’ll have to pay for ruining this for me
Forgiveness is no longer a way
Forgetting is just too much to do
Hate has built up and what can I expect
I guess nothing is left
I’m tired so I’ll not wait
I’m angry so I’ll blame
I’m hurt so I’ll hate
She can’t fix this even if she begged
She can’t fix this even if she has everything
Love is real but only once
Taking it away is just insane
So she’s gone, so she’s left
So I’m mad, so I can’t stand it
What’s there left to do
Go on I guess
And just be willing to accept
I accept things aren’t perfect
I accept things can get bad
But I can’t accept this heart ache brought one by this aggravation
All that’s left is the rest of death
And if I must go to hell for not forgiving her mistakes
Then I guess hell where I’ll “rest”

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