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The First Time I Met You! (My First Love Poem)
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The First Time I Met You! (My First Love Poem)

The first time my eyes saw you,
The first time I saw you smile,
I knew you hear was pure and true,
And your eyes were as blue as the Nile,

Your hands, your hair, your face
All seemed so perfect to me,
You were so full of beauty and grace,
With you I felt so free!

No that time has flown away,
Let me tell you, I loved you from the start,
Even though in your mind I might decay,
Bu you'll hold a special place in my heart!

(Dedicated to no one, i have no friends who are girls, just wrote it in my pass time, so don't jump to conclusions, i am only 13)

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A precise and yet divine narrative of such intimacy that it takes the reader into the event and all through the procedings - - and out at the far end of the scene we are as sated as the writer is......... that is the effect of any good poetry - - so top marks for this walk into a very private paradise........... from Fay.
so long... interlude and intercourse... euphemisms.. you in femisms... she... sheer silk fantarsy... PS.. no moss in sight? alas tis sad.. no foreign delight
Just what I needed today (and all week, come to think of it) : an emotional lift. To you, Herbert.
And after all that heavy petting, what did you do, H? : -) Sensual and romantic writing. I like this side of you. Warm regards, Gina.
mmmm......I don't think I can say more.
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