Poem By jyotsna tomar

She's suppressed and tormented
With no hopes and dreams
Why do people still assume
She lives her life with a gleam
A gleam of Sunshine
A gleam of Happiness
A life which is beyond all the numbness
Which doesn't owe That Enragement
That Cut and Damage of disappointment

But it's not the Unvarnished Truth
Uneasy, fragile and lack of verisimilitude
She dwells but dies inside
She's shattered and pain walks beside
She has been tormented for so long
What made her feel dynamic is now gone

She fakes a smile for foes & friends
To release the pain for a while to stand
She always got spooked by solitude
Soul is drenched and repaid with ingratitude
Wisdom is dead, Emotions are screwed
How to console the aching soul? No idea No clue

She doesn't want to feel Love anymore
She's done playing this game
Tired of waiting and getting
torn up again & again
Her heart is nothing now
Just a cold block of ice
Which now won't melt so easily
Won't be Living a Life of Reprise

Comments about She

A sublime start with a nice poem, Jyotsna. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.

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