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She's my life,
She's my laughter,
She's more sure of herself even after.
She believes,
She is freedom,
In her search for the light, she would leave them.
She's a lady of life, she's a woman on fire, she's my breath of fresh air, a world growing weary and tired.
She can take,
She's so giving,
It's her heart, it's her soul, she is living,
She is faith,
She is wisdom,
She's the first light of dawn's golden glisten.
And she's all right, she's my passion tonight, she's a soft cool breeze, when I'm burning, when I'm burning, when I'm burning...
She's her own,
She is mine,
She's that moment forever in time.
She is grace,
She is style,
I see her heart through her eyes when she smiles.
And she's so right, she's my lady my life, I'm a soldier of fortune, she's my treasure, she's my treasure, she's my treasure...

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