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When you wake up in the morning,

Shes the first one to chase your thoughts.

When you brush your teeth,

Shes the one who sweeten your breath.

When you take bath,

Shes the one who bubbles your mind.

When you dress up,

Shes the one who make you feel alright.

When you leave home,

Shes the one who say 'Good Bye! ! ! '

When you are carried away by burden,

Shes the one standing and holding you tight.

When you are complete and done,

Shes the one saying 'Well-done! ! '.

When you are sourrounded by your fans,

Shes the one standing far away askin' 'can i be one? '

When you come back home first time after sunrise,

Shes the one to give u a pleasant surprise

When you go for a drive,

Shes the one holding your arm by her side.

When you fall asleep,

Shes the one lookin' at you, every moment saying 'Gnite! ! '

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