Nothing can stop this feeling inside,
All she wants is a place to hide.
Her mind feels like a runaway train,
Her life is full of sorrow and pain.
She sits in her room all alone,
And wonders when she will find a life of her own.
Looks back at her reflection in the mirror and starts to stare,
Thinking to herself how much more of this can she bare.
She knows in her heart she is loved to the stars,
But that doesn't help heal these emotional scars.
She wishes you were here so you can help her mend,
Come back to her please and a hand you need to lend.

by EMMA Funnell

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emz these are bril! dunno if your interested but how bout we both write a few more, meet up some time (im on study leave so i got loads of time lol) n sort thru what we got n see if we can get published (hint hint we could make money outta it!) . i can speak to my eng lang teacher n see if shes got any idea on how to go bout it: -D chat son XxsarahxX