RJJ (04-27-1972 / Houston, Texas)


She wants with whole heart to escape from the fear.
Her hands hide her face, but can't hide the tears.
On the outside she's sure that no one else knows.
Inside, her heart is in conflict with her soul.
She could call out for help, but what will she say?
That he's under alot of pressure and he relieves it this way?
He apologized again, but that's rather cliche'.
Her bruises will heal, but there are more on the way.
She tries to comprehend, theres no way she could know.
Something inside says she deserves every blow.
'He's just misunderstood' is what she persists.
She sees good in him that doesn't exist.
And try as she may, she just cant understand.
Why she loves so hard with her heart, and he, with his hands.
Looking back, she cant recall ever feeling so sad.
The days when the good times outweighed the bad.
Now there are cuts over the scars that cover bruises in layers.
And scuffs on her knees.....but those are from prayers.

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misunderstood feelings or intense feelings