NS (29-07-1980 / Trivandrum)


She accompanies me wherever I go
She is my only fellow traveller
She sees, hears but never speaks
Why she is so silent?
She is black but pretty
And often quite peace
She goes with everyone
And none is free from her

by niranjan subhashsivan

Comments (6)

Subhash, The poem overall conveys a sense of longing and loneliness. I read it and think of a shadow constantly following one around in silence. On a more nitpicky note… I wonder of the use of ‘and often quite peace’. Did you mean quiet? If you didn’t perhaps consider it? … A lovely write. -Eila
Your poems are really one of a kind! ! ! hope you enjoy writing the best... good luck, keep up the good work...
hmm...this is an interesting riddle... each one can interpret it in his/her own way... nice write... Asma...
the 'she' you have described here.. can be connected with many things.. good one..
I like your poem very much its lovely how you describe her =D
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