HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

She Asked Me

She asked me about the love.. What is a love? ?
What is carrying from pains
What is carrying from a mania and craze
What is he carrying from the agony
From soul fatigued
And a mind buried
And a feelings doesn't rational to go through
And passionately in love with.
She asked me if i am a poet or magician
are they correct, what they said?
That the love sows by a priest
He spits the ash by the souls
He writes the verses and sets a way.
The words retain here,
A stainless history
And book writes from joy of the eyes! ?

by hazem al jaber

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Inquisitive look :) I like this poem, and I read with pleasure.(10v.) Greeting :) Maria Barbara Korynt