She Became Idol Of Delight

She was fast and unthinking
When I saw her, the first sight
She was restless, aimless and silences ness
When I knew her for first time
She was like free floating fish, ready to go anywhere
When I made her friend for the first time
She was like a deer, free aiming, ready to break all barriers
When I first liked her

She was in track, trying to fix herself
When I loved her
She was targeting aim
When I proposed her
She succeeded with my support
When I married her
She became brilliant, worthy, patience
When she gave me a child

She became my guide now
When I had started to be misguided
She then made me to lead my life
When I started being restless, aimless and silence ness
She then brought me to the track and changed my goal
When I got bankrupt
She was my idol, respective
When I lifted up my life once again

That was my friend, then best friend
Then, became by girlfriend, then wife
Again became my son’s mother and then my guide
She was idol if delight for me

by Sambidhan Acharya

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