She Bleeds

Her blood is pouring on the floor,
She already has scars, but she still wants more.
It's the only way to ease her pain,
So there she goes, cutting through her veins.

They want her to give into insanity,
They want her to think that she's actually crazy.
All her wounds are so unbearable,
She's felt all the pain she thinks she can handle.

She's at the point now that she can't even feel.
Those marks on her wrists don't even seem real.
She's scared of her future and she hates her past,
So hurting herself is just how she reacts.

The hurt makes her laugh and gives her a smile
She thinks it’s all over, but just for a while
She knows that you see it, but yet you don’t care
You act and pretend that you’re not aware.

You like to see her in this state of mind,
When she gets ahead you push her behind.
You want her to break and she doesn't know why,
I guess you must like seeing her cry.

But tears alone, they’re not enough,
To feel at ease she must see blood.
Soon the hurting goes away,
But as for the scars, they never fade

They’re just a reminder that she's not okay,
They’re just a reminder that she's going insane.
For a small moment everything’s right,
And just for a moment her pain's out of sight.

Right now she's not focused on things that she feels,
Right now, just this second, she thinks that she's healed.
Her tears, they stop. and her blood is dried,
And just for a minute she knows she'll be fine.

Buit soon, the pain, it all comes back,
To remind her of the problems she has.
That’s when she cuts, again and again,
The lines on her arm will never end.

Life gets so hard; there is no more truth,
She hides all her scars so there's not any proof.
All of your torture has gone to her head,
So that’s why she cuts, to make it all end.

Pain won’t hurt cause it’s all that she feels,
She reminds herself, 'THE PAIN ISN'T REAL.'
That’s when she cries her tears of blood,
They keep on falling, just as they should.

So this is why she's on her knees,
She needs you to hear plead.
It’s all coming out to night
She's screaming loudly, 'SUICIDE.'

Like her wrists her heart is broke,
Both are bleeding, this is no joke
What can she do to make you see?
Does she have to scream, or do you want her to bleed?

by Crystal Johnson

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I cannot comment on this..........I'm afraid of who this is about. Very intense. If I could wrap you and your mom up in a blanket and keep you safe and warm until you could see how wonderful life was meant to be...I would do it. I wish I could ease your pain. I'm so sorry. Love, Mary