She Can Only Give You Her Love

She can only give you her love.
For she's not wealthy,
but wealthy in love.
You wish not to give her a child.
Her expectancy differs,
she can only wish.
Wish her heart would erupt into joy.
The joy of giving birth to your son
or daughter.
The mother of your chide,
with arduous pain.
Her offer still stands, still stands.
A severe decision she has to endure,
which ruptures her heart.
Yet she opts not to interfere.
No one can coerce you,
yet there will be no bondage.
Nevertheless, her heart aches.
pardon her for not understanding why.
When the fire still burns inside the
A child is waiting to be born.
Only you have the capability.
Reach out and seize what is yours.
Without you her dreams would not
have come true.
Overwhelming of her achievements.
Proud you might say.
Proud of what the future holds.
Yes, she is proud to have found you.
Her life was shattered,
you lifted up her soul.
Staying by her side in good and bad times.
Terrifying her company will not be pleasant..
Because part of her had died.

by Margarette Rose Peck

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