JTG (June 26,1990 / Lowell, Ma)

She Changes

Have you ever noticed
People change with time
Every now and then
She will act sublime

When you get to know her
As the time flies by
You will see that she has
Changed within your eyes

As you look at her now
All that you saw before
Has now changed into new
The old walked out the door

Thinking through your head now
Why she changed so much
Nothing that you can give
Will ever bring her touch

Right back where you started
Trying to impress
With her fancy talk and fancy walk
White ribbons on her dress

Just wishing she would change back
Knowing it will never come true
The girl that you saw before
Disappeared into the blue

Thats why it is hard
To trust anyone
The person you first date
Is not the same one

You will see come out
With time and only that
They will get meaner
Treat you like crap

I just want to find her
The one that is herself
Never putting on an act
To get to my top shelf

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Great poem, nice honest emotion. -Kylie M. Lynch