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She Crawls
MT (august 17 2000 / )

She Crawls

Poem By Maya Trowborst

She slinks through the shadows
The beauty that once roamed meadows

She is a mother, a sister, and alive
But unlike us, in this city she does not thrive.

She crawls along the trash filled allies,
As she finds food to try and feed her babies.

She is like us, but she is not at all
For she does not walk, instead she must crawl...

She was once a proud hunting hound...
Now hiding, crawling along the ground,

Her pups need her, without her they die.
They know this, and that's why they cry.

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Comments (2)

I think this is a very beautiful and touching poem, thanks for sharing!
She is a mother, a sister, and alive. She slinks through the shadows. This is an amazing and thought provoking poem...10