KG (November 12th,1993 / New Jersey)

She Cries. (Lil Bit Of A Rambling Novel) .

She sits and she hates her wondering mind and she cant seem to figure out how she can be one person one second and another the next and it kills her inside because she would kill to be the wonderous perfect girl everyone on the outside sees her to be but when they look inside they see an evil little grousom person and that's who she has come to be and it scares the shit out of her and she hates it and they hate her for it and thats when the face of an angel comes out and haunts her thoughts and it seems funny to her now that she even bothered caring what they thought but hey if she isnt herself to them then who is she because if they saw her pale and fragile skin then they might just run and hide and right now all she needs is a person to stick around and not hide and not make her feel bad about what she does and she hates what she has become but it wont change anything and she knows this and he knows this and they know this but hey what the hell she has to be what shes told or else she is just another someone with no one to tell something or everything to about nothing at all and god she dreams of being okay and okay is all she really wants to be but with her sliced wrists she knows she cant be anything close to okay or normal or like you or her or she and it and god she cries and screams and bleeds just like everyone else in the world but she hates it because she cant stop it and she isnt okay and shes different and she hates her and she hates you and she hates them and god she wants to be okay but she cant and she knows it so she cries.

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