She Cries Out

she is trembling with every breath
her sobbing is racking her body uncontrollably
she cries out as she can't take the hurt anymore
tears stream down her face unfettered
her hands are clenched and reaching out
you can feel her heartbreak for miles around
pieces of her just randomly falling apart
her hair is a nest of tangles but she doesn't care
you know she hasn't showered in days
as she lies there in unwashed clothes
her body is wasting away from a lack of hunger
she called saying she wasn't feeling well
you said you were on your way...
but now as i look at her
i don't know what to do
i sit on the edge of her bed
and watch with sadness
i slowly unlace my shoes
and crawl over to her
her hands reaching for something to hold
i hug her and hold her as she weeps
i whisper everything will be alright
shhhh... shhhhh... its gonna be ok
i lay there all night with my friend
consuming her hurt...nourishing her heart
i will not let her slip away
i will hold her tight

by Half Past

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