LR (august 21,1990 / halifax)

She Cuts Her Wrists

She cuts her wrists
To dull the pain inside
She wishes there was someone
Just to hear her cry

She moves up her arm
Making the cuts deeper
Letting the blood trickle
As she lets out a whimper

She looks at a picture
To see how life used to be
She than looks in a mirror
And wonders what people see

When she is done
She puts the blade away
She then goes outside
Knowing that they will all pay

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Leanne, it is tragic that someone would feel it necessary to go through something like this. You definitely paint a extremely sad picture here, but you did a great job o f bringing it to life. I hope many read this poem and learn from it, Thankyou----Melvina--
I thought this poem was really moving... I thought this helps people to think that are many people in the world that go through problems like that... Good Poem