She'D Love To Live In Africa

She'd love to live in Africa in the land of the Maasai
And with the tribal people dance under the moonlit sky
The rhythmic drummer beats his drum and the dancers rock and sway
She'd love to live in Africa twelve thousand miles away.

The hungry male lions cough and roar in the African night
And the sounds of galloping hooves and zebras whinnying in fright
And the elephants are trumpeting and the the wild hyaenas
And to live in distant Africa has always been her dream.

She's never been to Africa but she can visualize
The fish eagles are circling o'er the lake she hear their cries
And a flock of beautiful flamingos of ten thousands birds or more
Are feeding in the shallows just in from the lake shore.

All documentaries on Africa she watches on T.V.
And she'd love to live in that great Land amongst the wild and free
But time is running out on her she now is sixty two
And her dream of life in Africa for her may not come true.

Her brain urge her to walk and jog but her legs will not obey
And she won't be going to Africa twelve thousand miles away
A long time paraplegic she sits in her wheel chair
And she dreams of distant Africa 'doesn't life seem so unfair'.

by Francis Duggan

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