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She Dances

She Dances

When the moon is full in the field of roses
You can see her dancing The prince fell in
love with a beautiful maiden King spoke this
love is forbidden

Months went by not a word was said about the
prince and his fair maiden Everyone knew when
the moon was fulI In the Field of roses you could see
them dancing

King found out spoke not a word Sent his Hench men
out They found the maiden And took her far away
Buried her way down deep So no one could ever
find her

Prince search for many years till one day he heard
the Story about the hench men Late one night when
the moon was full he went to the Field
of of roses

An drew his sword from his side this is what
he said I cant live without you so with these
Last few words i speak I promise when the moon
is full We shall meet and dance all night in the field
of roses

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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