She Depicts ' Beauty'

She gives me a vibrant feel,
Her moves are all so cheering,
She holds a lucid meaning for her work,
Her depictions are a relished content to see,
I m astound with her colorful thought on every move,
As she is a painter and she carve ‘beauty’ by every thought.

‘Beautification’ is one defining word to her work,
But, an intense meaning hits when I see her boats struggling with heavy storm,
And the enriching fundamental nature,
And even her models carving for poverty.

Her essence are the colors she carve with,
Be it, indigo or crimson, all render strong point,
That is, ‘To touch core and find a rejoin’.

Her emotions are a classic exemplar of respect,
As it expose the brusqueness happening.

I patiently wait for her every piece,
As it straddle a clear message.

by Richa Dhodi

Comments (3)

she was doomed to to be... then she cherishes the she waits for the doomsday.....everyday.. to ask for the more lifetime......again be doomed....! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
You painted a painter so beautifully I don't pain to see her anymore sathya narayana
‘To touch core and find a rejoin’. very impressive lines......... 'Beauty is truth Truth beauty'........KEATS