She Devil

She came into my life for her own viscous needs
Just to plant her hateful seed.
She thought that she could use me as her tool
And that I was the perfect fool.

She mistook kindness for weakness.
She thought that she could get her foot in
And create havoc and sin.

Little did she know I was under gods care
And with the world, his love I would share.

Known as the she devil of man
And for all mankind she had a plan.
To destroy the love, faith, and hope
That god had given
And with out that - to her we’d be driven.

Like the snake that she is - hiding in the grass
Waiting for someone to pass.
If you get close to her you will hear
Her hiss and feel her fangs.
But her venom will not flow
For it has no where’s to go.

How can the venom go into a
body that has the cure
That is so clean, so white, so pure.
This is the cleansing that we received
At our birth, to free us of our mortal sin
And will not let anything in.

She devil it’s time for you to go
For this soul you will never know.

by louis rams

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