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She Did Not Seem Very Happy

I saw her the dark haired beauty with the Latin eyes of brown
Out walking in the wind and rain on the sidewalks of Belgrave Town
The sky was dark and overcast the deciduous trees were bare
And the chilly nip of Winter in the June morning air.

She did not seem very happy nor did she not appear to be shy
And she did not smile or look my way as near me she walked by
But perhaps she had her troubles and was having a bad day
We have our up and down times and life's always been that way.

Who knows a broken romance may have wiped the smile off of her face
And a certain look of sadness might have come to take it's place?
Others out walking hand in hand whilst she was on her own
The cause of the sad look on her face by herself only known.

The chilly breath of Winter blew across the morning sky
And the rain came down in drizzles and weather wise no joy
And a sad looking dark haired beauty on the sidewalk passed me by
And she did not smile or look my way though to her I said hi.

by Francis Duggan

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