NB (1982 / KY)

*she Got What She Wanted*

Death knocked on my door and I sent him away.
'You aren't taking me now, come back another day! '
'No child! It's your hand I must hold.
Beneath those bones is a heart already cold.'
'So what does that matter? It's been torn apart, broken
and shattered.'
'With such a cold heart, what's really left? After all you're
just waiting for death.'
'I'm not waiting for death you moron! I'm waiting for love
from that special someone.'
'I'm no moron, you pathetic child. Your dreams always do
run wild.'
'Once again what does that matter? He'll mend these pieces
that are shattered. With his love from stories of old, my heart
will never again be cold.'
'You silly child, he will never come to you. I took him this morning
when the skies turned blue. But, he does wait for you in my hearse,
or do you wish to live with this lovers curse? '
In that moment a decision I must make.
Live here alone, or go with my fate.
My love waits that I see, but what about those who will miss me?
With my memory they will always be haunted.
So on my tombstone write, 'She got what she wanted.'

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This is an excellent piece of work; it kept me reading from beginning to end. Really enjoyed the read thank you for sharing. Scott
Yes, that happens........!