She Had A Bad Dream

Don't be afraid.
It was just a bad dream.
Breath slowly- and slowly go back to sleep.
Thou art not alone.
I have thee submerged.

In far away woods wind is singing lullaby with leaves.
Moon is showering it's cool white light of love on streets.
Stars are twinkling deep in the sky like your beautiful eyes.
Dews are falling off leaves on puddles, making heavenly voice.

Rivers are flowing with one aim, to meet the sea and get vanished in it's name.
Night-blooming jasmines are spreading their magical aroma, mesmerized breeze is gone in coma.
Crickets have gone silent, like they have understood their noise- violent.
Fireflies are dancing with joy, switching on - switching off like a baby does to it's toy.
Brooks are bubbling, singing their evergreen harmonious song.
Pebbles are busy in their life long learning of what's wrong.

Tides of sea have gone calm.
Thou sleep in my arms, my love- thou sleep.

by Abhinav Maurya

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